Marriage Counseling

Owner, Marjetta Gulley, LCSW

Marriage Counseling

Marriages are as unique as the individuals who come together to commit their lives to each other. It is important for couples to first learn to communicate their needs and wants in a healthy manor and listen to their spouse's thoughts, feelings and needs.

After couples issues and concerns are revealed, they are provided education regarding positive relationship habits and healthy techniques for conflict resolution, bond building, and establishing goals for the healthiest marriage possible. With sufficient motivation and willingness to learn new ways to work through obstacles, there are ways to improve every issue.

About A Brighter Day Counseling

A Brighter Day Counseling Services is dedicated to assisting each individual encountered to function at their highest capacity. A Brighter Day's counseling practice is based on biblical values. There is a sincere desire to help others cope in a healthy manner.

My practice is here to assist each person with gaining the essential tools needed to improve their lives. While I offer confidential services for a variety of concerns and issues, my specialties include: Grief and Loss, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Pre-Marital counseling. I welcome individuals, couples, families and groups.

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